Pipe Shop Wedding, North Vancouver, BC - Candice & Mitchel


Wow the time has come to blog my own wedding! After photographing so many other wonderful couples, it finally came to my own wedding, held at The Pipe Shop in North Vancouver! It was honestly all that I could ever dream of! Mitchel and I have talked about how we would love to re-live the day over again, just so we could soak it all in. We obviously can’t go back in time, but we love that we have these beautiful images by Shari + Mike to remember the day by.

The day started at my childhood home in Port Moody, where I got ready with some of my closest girlfriends. Originally we had booked a beautiful Airbnb right by the venue, but they cancelled on us and by that time there were hardly any nice listings left. After much searching and thought, we decided that even though my house was further away, it would be the best place to get ready with lots of natural light, my own bed to sleep in, personal touches, and to my mom’s delight, I would be able to get pictures of me playing my harp! Meanwhile, the guys stayed in an Airbnb in North Vancouver where I was able to surprise Mitchel with a very special wedding gift; an Audi R8 (rented for the day, trust me we didn’t buy one). Often the wedding day becomes all about the bride, but I wanted Mitchel to feel like he had something extra special to be excited about as well. It was the perfect addition, and all the groomsmen and friends loved it.

We decided to have a first look and take most of our portraits at the Cleveland Dam as well as the Capilano Hatchery (right beside each other). It is not too far away from the Pipe Shop, right below the base of Grouse mountain, and I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for some gorgeous views and PNW hiking trails. The whole day was pretty hot in temperature, but the big trees helped keep us in the shade for the most part.

The ceremony and the reception were both held in the Pipe Shop, with a quick “flip” in between by the amazing Filosophi Events team. I didn’t expect to get so emotional during the day, but as soon as the music started playing for the processional, I started to tear up. We chose "Forest Gump Suite” and “Father Christmas” (from the Narnia soundtrack) to walk down to, and it really facilitated a magical entrance. One thing that I wish I could do over again, is change the speed which I walked down the aisle! I have heard from so many guests that noted how I raced down the aisle, but it was very “me” because of my determined walk. In all truthfulness, I didn’t have much time in the song, so I wanted to make sure I got there before it ended, but I over compensated a little bit. Poor Mitchel, he barely had any time to process the whole thing. Nevertheless, it was beautiful, and we were able to have some personal touches like Mitchel’s nephew carrying the rings on a teddy bear that Mitchel gifted me long ago, my dad performing the ceremony, Mitchel’s dad offering a prayer, and singing some praise songs to invite God into our marriage.

After the ceremony guests had a chance to relax and enjoy the yummy Fiasco gelato as well as take a stroll on the pier which gives a stunning view of the Vancouver cityscape. Some highlights of the reception included:

  • Playing The Price is Right in order to decide which tables ate first (it was a huge hit!)

  • The delicious all-vegetarian meal by Sheila’s catering (YUM)

  • My brother's speech which included roasts, emotional moments, and lots of laughter

  • Dancing on the pier with my new husband

  • Cutting our DQ cake with the same knife as Mitchel’s parents used at their wedding (I don’t really like cake, but I LOVE ice-cream)

  • The fresh mini donuts from Hugs By Mollie (YUM AGAIN)

  • The games and dancing to end the night (the dance floor was popping!)

  • And of course getting to spend the day with all our loved ones

Anyway, I will let you start enjoying some of our favourite photos!

Also, if you haven’t seen our wedding video, you can view it here.

Pipe Shop Wedding-11.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-5.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-16.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-17.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-8.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-10.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-18.jpg
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Pipe Shop Wedding-33.jpg
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Pipe Shop Wedding-50.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-51.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-52.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-53.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-54.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-55.jpg
A wedding photo of a couple enjoying the view of the Lions at the Cleveland Dam.
Pipe Shop Wedding-57.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-59.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-58.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-60.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-61.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-62.jpg
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Pipe Shop Wedding-66.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-68.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-67.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-77.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-90.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-91.jpg
A wedding photo of a bride and groom in front of a mountain view at the Cleveland Dam.
Pipe Shop Wedding-95.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-98.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-99.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-100.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-103.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-109.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-111.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-112.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-114.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-116.jpg
A photo of one of the lounges for a wedding at the Pipe Shop.
Pipe Shop Wedding-121.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-123.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-126.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-128.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-129.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-130.jpg
A couple getting married at the Pipe Shop.
A couple getting married amongst the ceremony decor at the Pipe Shop.
Pipe Shop Wedding-135.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-136.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-137.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-144.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-139.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-141.jpg
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Pipe Shop Wedding-143.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-145.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-149.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-150.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-152.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-151.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-153.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-154.jpg
A happy couple exiting the ceremony with be smiles after being married at the Pipe Shop.
Pipe Shop Wedding-157.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-159.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-160.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-167.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-168.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-165.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-170.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-175.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-176.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-177.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-178.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-179.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-182.jpg
Reception and table decor at the Pipe Shop.
Pipe Shop Wedding-188.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-180.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-192.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-199.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-200.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-183.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-207.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-208.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-209.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-221.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-222.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-214.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-237.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-234.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-235.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-238.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-239.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-231.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-241.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-240.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-242.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-243.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-244.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-246.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-247.jpg
A couple dancing on the pier at the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver.
Pipe Shop Wedding-251.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-252.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-253.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-254.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-255.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-256.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-257.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-259.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-258.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-260.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-262.jpg
Pipe Shop Wedding-263.jpg

Special thanks to our family and friends who helped make the day possible! Ivah for helping make all the signs, Heather for helping out with hair, Jessica & Michael for emceeing, Stephanie & Rebecca for helping with the guestbook, Yolanda for helping with family photos, Josh for helping lead out in praise during the ceremony, and many more! And of course the awesome vendors:

Venue: The Pipe Shop

Planning & Coordination: Filosophi Events

Photographer: Shari + Mike Photographers

Videographers: Hello Tomorrow Films

Catering: Sheila’s Catering Co.

Florals: Celsia Florals

Make-up: Blooming Beauty

Donuts: Hugs by Mollie’s Minis

Rentals: Past Pieces Salmon’s Pretty Things Rentals

Dress: BHLDN

Lights: Sitka Studios

DJ: iDJ Services

Stationary: Vistaprint